About Me

Hello, I’m Weng!

Random facts for the curious: 

1. My favourite colour is blue! Did you know social media platforms utilise the colour blue to induce the feeling of comfort? (A similar feeling to when we look at the sky)

2. I have a growing passion for sustainability and the ethical fashion movement 

3. Noodl-y food over any food

4. My favourite letters are A, M and J

5. I have a funky 6cm scar from a curling iron

6. I’ve been playing the violin for almost 10 years although I have picked up guitar this year.

7. That being said, I really miss playing in orchestras (the feeling is magnificent)

8. My dream jobs would be working in fashion, animating for Disney or playing in orchestras for film soundtracks

9. I refuse to eat celery

10. Combination/Oily skin type

11. I think I have an allergy to lipstick

12. Tea > Coffee

13. I love socks (soft, cute, fluffy ones)

14. <- my favourite number