The Whitsundays and Airlie Beach

Happy. New. Year!

It has been one HOT minute and just like that, 2020 is over. One of my 2020 goals (which I dismally failed) was to get through my backlog of travel posts I’ve accumulated over the past three years…. but better late than never right? I have a plethora of posts planned from past trips to New York, Japan and New Zealand but I wanted to start the new year looking back at something a bit closer to home, a Queensland gem. The Whitsundays. Visiting upstate was something I always had on my bucket list but it’s one of those things when you put off going to places that are nearby because you know you can always go. So with international trips out the window, we decided to spend our ‘winter’ mid year break exploring more of Australia.

The flight from Brisbane Domestic Airport to Proserpine was super quick (around 1.5 hours)

One of my favourite parts about taking off is seeing Brissie from a birds eye view~

For the trip, we stayed at Whitsunday Vista Holiday Apartments ~ around 10 minutes walk from main street of Airlie Beach. Many hotels and resorts have airport transfer services to and from Proserpine Airport which is a 45 minute drive to Airlie Beach. Super easy and very convenient. While we were at Airlie everything was extremely quiet and relaxing, school holidays had just finished and we only came across a handful of backpackers in the area.

Fist thing’s first, fishnchups.

One thing to note, the sunsets are unreal and the photos don’t do it justice. Every minute was a different hue and I loved sitting by the marina staring at the mix of pinks, purples and blues.


Day 1: North Exposure Tour with Ocean Rafting

Spent a jam packed day rafting around the Whitsunday islands, snorkelling at two sites and seeing the marine life down below.


Went bushwalking on Whitsunday Island to see the beautiful Hill Inlet and stopped for lunch / free exploring time. The sand was so white it was blinding.

Almost stepped on this cutie but omg ;___; my favourite shot of the trip!

Date night dinner at Sorrento’s on the marina looking out at the sunset. That was the night that I found out, ‘wow, I reaaaaally like cocktails’ :’)

Saturday morning – plenty of locals out and about. Checked out the farmers markets, arts and crafts scene.

Airlie Beach Lagoon

One of the most popular restaurants in town, Fish D’vine & The Rum Bar.

Since I planned the trip, I decided to surprise Alex with a ‘special activity’ (which he suspected was skydiving)

……yeah no we are both WAY too chicken. I booked a scenic flight over the Whitsundays which was just INCREDIBLE. Check it out here 🙂

After touchdown, we headed to Dickie’s Dogs , a retro themed restaurant with different hotdogs inspired by countries of the world. Super cool and the owners were super nice.

The last time I’ll be on a plane for a while~

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