Munchmuseet – The works of Edvard Munch

One fine summer day, I decided to pay a visit to the Munch Museum in Tøyen, home to the life works of Edvard Munch (1863-1944), a celebrated Norwegian Expressionist artist most known for ‘The Scream’ painting. The museum pays tribute to his works, life events and development of the museum. I loved immersing myself into the artwork and fun fact: it is one of the largest collections in the world by a single artist.

me in 2020. ‘The Scream’ received widespread media coverage for two robberies in 1994 (recovered 3 months later) and another in 2004 (recovered 2 years later)

‘Two people climbed up a ladder, broke a windowpane, hopped through the window, took the painting off the wall and left by the same route. They left a postcard of a painting of three laughing men bearing the handwritten message “Many thanks for the poor security”. The whole operation took 50 seconds. ‘

Obligatory *egad* photo

Tourist shot with Jake 😀

Edvard Munch’s old art supplies, I thought this was pretty cool :p

‘The Sun’

Just missing the bushy ‘stache

Closeup of this pikachu plushy because I thought it was sooooo cute

Don’t know about you but I see an avocado

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