Frogner Park, Oslo

A trip to Oslo is not complete without a visit to Vigeland Park, the largest sculpture park in the world by a single artist Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) and also dubbed ‘the weirdest statues in the world’. The installation consists of 212 sculptures dotted around Oslo’s Frogner Park full of surreal scultures that display the essence of the human form throughout life from the young to old. Our summer school group enjoyed a summer afternoon barbeque and wandering around the park and I can’t say I was able to encounter every sculpture. Scroll down for a snapshot of the weird and wonderful ~

The focal point of the sculpture park is The Monolith held on a raised plateau. A 46 feet tall sculpture of 121 figures climbing around each other to get to the top.

My personal fave, Man chasing four geniuses. 


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