2020: A Year of Possibilities

Happy new year and hello 2020: the year of possibilities!

It doesn’t feel like that long since I said happy new year on this blog but I’ll take this as a double whammy because not only is it a new year, but a new decade (whooo!) It might not seem like a big deal to some people but for me it feels like a significant chapter of change. I spent the first ten days of the year in Toowoomba for the 2020 Immaculata Mission School. Ten days immersed in deep prayer, life changing talks, fellowship and reflection. It was honestly the best way I could ever start my year and I’m back with a clearer mind and stronger faith.

This year I’m determined to challenge myself creatively and overcome irrational fears, self doubt and just caring too much about what other people may think. Besides blogging, I’ve made a 2020 resolution to revive my musical and illustration skills. 10 years ago I wouldn’t think much about it and constantly practiced because I loved it (and as a respite from the woes of high school and teenage angst). The past year has been pretty quiet for wengiful as I’ve experienced mild creative slumps and just never knowing what to write in posts, ugh. However, I do have a huge catalogue of posts lined up to publish this year so there will be plenty more coming. I promise 🙂

blush pieces from Kikki K and Fox and Fallow.

I ended 2019 on a high with G R A D U A T I OOOOOON~ Honestly, I can not describe how happy I was to finally walk that stage and celebrate with my nearest and dearest. I made a last minute decision to buy a dress for the occasion and the whole thing was quite a blur. It was a gloomy day but in hindsight I was fortunate to have had a morning ceremony because by afternoon, man….  rain was pelting from the skies so hard we couldn’t see the road while driving. My university journey was quite windy but I met some amazing people on the way and who knows, maybe this isn’t the end? heh

In November, I met Sally Spratt from The Lust List who was holding a pop up watercolour workshop at Brisbane Skygate. I’ve been following her for a few years and absolutely adore her artistic style so yeah… when it came to actually MEETING her I was quite… excited hahaha. It felt surreal meeting one of my favourite artists and she was more than happy to answer my bajillion questions. Thank you Sally!


This summer I’ve developed quite the love for leafy things. From buying flowers, to IKEA decorations, food and yeah… the big pineapple (that was spontaneous).

Suuuuper random but believe it or not these little jellies washed up in a perfect line. I couldn’t believe it.

A cute collage to wrap up 2019. Like I said, there’s many more posts to come~

(*cough* some, two years late)


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