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Hello hello,

It’s been a hot minute since my last post.

7.5 months, 227 days, 19,612,800 seconds, 62.19% of 2019 – to be exact!

Honestly blogging is always in the back of my mind and now that that my last semester is almost over, I’m going to pump things up on Wengiful and get these creative juices flowing again. Things have been a blur since coming back from my short exchange in Norway (post coming soon!) but I’ve also done a lot of reflecting in that time. For now I just wanted to share some of my favourite memories these past few months 🙂

Celebrated Mateo’s birthday on the hot sand and cool waters of Coolum beach.

We soaked in some much needed vitamin D and successfully assembled into asian lady star squad pose 😀

(I’m very proud we made this work.)

The beginning of spring was a special time for me witnessing two couples become newlyweds. I always have to do my best to remain composed (and not burst out sobbing) during weddings. It feels surreal when your friends start getting married but at the same time I’m so excited to celebrate love, friendships and beautiful moments like these in the future.

Channelling the inner pre-schooler. These paint pot sets were the best :’)

Spent a few days in September at the 2019 Ignite Youth Conference with powerful worship, moving talks and formation with youth around Australia. It was an amazing opportunity for me to reconnect and reflect on my relationship with God with great people. Emmanual Worship  is the team behind music and they’re set to release a new album in November so check it out 🙂 !

Ditched the indoors for a long walk around Botanical Gardens in Toowong to catch the first signs of spring. I remember coming here as a kid and being so fascinated with the tropical display dome, this time around we found vanilla and cocoa trees! My favourite part has to be the Japanese gardens – I was sneaking behind the lady in the hat waiting for the perfect time for that photo.

The usual food spam.

My new favourite – Koto Sanpo on Elizabeth St (formerly Elizabeth St arcade). Their matcha is spot on and there’s a huge range of desserts and food on the menu. I’ve been taking all my friends here so if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend 🙂

Grateful for this little surprise visit to Brush and Barrel (Gold Coast). Alex was killing me by not giving hints and I was honestly clueless because he said it didn’t involve eating. You learn a bit about yourself in painting classes. At least for me I know I’m not great at following instructions because I was always a step behind and doing my own thing whereas Alex was the opposite :p


My little Bookdepository haul. I am obssessed with The Little Prince since watching the movie on Netflix and super excited when these came in the mail.

Finishing the post with a new dessert pop-up by the same people that run koto sanpo. Amai kawaii serves Japanese style crepes and sundaes in both sweet and savoury options. I ordered Ama Kawa Komaji with matcha jelly, sponge cake, whipped cream, rice, red bean, swirled matcha and vanilla ice cream topped with dango, mandarin, mint and coconut rolls – all in one lil cup.

– Peace out –

Exams are coming.


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