Seoul Pt II


It’s time for part 2 of the Korea diaries (it’s-a-big-one!) Expect lots of food and street shots during my wanderings around Seoul~ we stayed a total of 5 days and managed to cram in a lot of locations, with plenty more to see next time around. Our main locations were Hongdae, Gyeongbokgung Palace , Myeongdong, Gangnam, and Lotte World. Going to big cities always gives me a bit of culture shock with dense crowds, small spaces and fast paced living. Although, I really adore Seoul’s unique laneways and boutique street designs from cafes to retail stores…. and the FOOOOOD!!! <3

Special shout out to this girl here for being with us in Seoul <3

Day 1:

10 minutes after checking into our Airbnb – first celebrity encounterrrr XD

1st meal at a Spirited Away inspired restaurant. It was so mesmerising from outside and surprisingly huge on the inside.

I’m not much of a drinker ….BUT THIS SPARKLING SOJU IS AMAZING!!!

Luxury Karaoke Houses :’)

 Streetfood! You can find these stalls pretty much every night in Hongdae with toppoki (spicy rice cakes), fish cake and my faaave – odeng/eomuk tang (fish cake with soup). The broth was the best thing to have on cold nights and I’d stop for one every time I passed some streetfood stalls.

After all that eating on our first night arriving in Seoul, we still managed to stop for some bingsoo. It was a light dessert and the strawberries were soooo fresh.

Day 2: 

Breakfast at Isaac toast

Spent a few hours at Switchzone to touch up le orange situation.

We spent the evening wandering through the grounds of Ehwa Womans university. It’s a seriously beautiful campus and it felt like I was walking through Hogwarts.

Next stop: MYEONGDONG!

This place is huge and I don’t think we covered even half of it during the whole time we were in Seoul. The streets are full of market stalls, shops, restaurants and buskers. (I may have also spent like 4 hours shopping here keke.)

 Day 3:

After spending the morning at Gyeongbokgung Palace, we headed to Tongin Market. You can trade money for traditional coins and use them as tokens to add things to your lunchbox which is a fun way to try a little bit from every store.

Japchae and bbopki, a traditional sugar candy


 From Jamsil subway station, you’ll find your way through the lower levels of Lotte Mall and above is Lotte world. A multi-level indoor (and outdoor) theme park. We stayed outside to watch the sunset and lined up for photos with the Lotte World castle. Everything was super festive with Christmas decorations and parades. You also don’t realise how huge the indoor theme park is until you go on rides because they extend pretty far from what you see from the central ice skating rink.

Cute or creepy? You tell me :p 

Top view from air balloon ride

Day 4: 

(Left) I was feeling pretttty sick from the cold/air pollution and this herbal congee was DA BEST. Contrast that to the fried chick and soju we had that night :’).

  Cool things in korea: Designated pink seats for pregnant women.

Fluffy pancakes to celebrate our break from an escape room

Back in Myeongdong

 Didn’t get any because I wanted them all T_T

Korean egg bread (gyeran bbang)

Me taking a photo from outside because the store had already closed hahahaha *cries*

Day 5

Our last day in Seoul! It was a Friday and crowds were crazier than usual. Figured it was a big day in Hongdae because there were balloons everywhere.

Went to Lotte mall for lunch and tried this restaurant (I forgot the name) where you could cook the meat on your own mini hot plate.

Osulloc tea house – I highly recommend visiting an Osulloc if you’re a lover of green tea. They have a huge range of different drinks and desserts that feature variations of green tea. I mean, a matcha cheese toastie….???

^Had Alex take this shot because I couldn’t see anything.

Gee I can’t believe how long that post was. Thanks for sticking til the end and next up, San Francisco!


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