Universal Studios Japan Pt II

Hello and welcome to Pt II of the USJ posts!

This is a continuation from USJ Pt 1 covering everything other than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  *Spoilers* there are minions…everywhere…! USJ is a must if you’re visiting Osaka and there’s a good variety of themes that both adults and kids would love. The rides do not disappoint and there’s plenty of food to choose from. Different parts of the park transport you through the streets of San Francisco, old glam Hollywood, action-packed BTS film studios, Jurassic park and OFC the bubblegum-speckled minion park and Sesame St.

*me on the left*

99% sure this is Dave :p

Green tea churroooo

My favourite photo of 2018 <3 honestly I was so happy I didn’t want to leave Moppy’s side.

We spent a while deliberating what the person inside Moppy’s suit would look like because they were soooo petite – I guess it’ll just have to be a mystery :’)

Yes. I entered the kiddy park and yes, I was lowkey sad I was too old to go on the rides.

Topped off the night with buffet dinner – I went all out with the veggies :3

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