Japan Diary: Kyoto


Hope you guys are all warm and well~ It’s been three months since my last blog post (what even!) and while it’s always at the back of my mind to create updates, I’ve just felt my motivation fizzle out… So I hope this post helps kick-start my creative juices for the remainder of the year :p My fingers and toes are numb as I’m writing this post- very much like how I couldn’t feel half my body in Kyoto because the cold is unrealllll.

Out of all the cities we visited, Kyoto was definitely the most serene and peaceful experience. We spent each day at a slower pace and soaked in the beautiful surroundings.

Day 1: 

On the bullet train to Kyoto – spotted Mt Fuji peeking through the clouds. From afar, I could tell IT’S REALLY REALLY BIG :O

Checked into our Airbnb and spent the evening scouting restaurants in Pontocho alley

For dinner, we chose this little shabu shabu restaurant ‘Agotsuyu.’ The waiters talked us through some history, how to properly cook the food and asked for a photo with us when we left because we had such a good time :’)

Day 2: Nishiki Market

KYOTO’S KITCHEN!!!! These stalls just went on and on and ooooon, I’m pretty sure we didn’t walk through the whole thing. Seafood, ceramics, souvenirs and ice creaaaaam~

Arguably the best ice cream of the trip : Soy milk swirls

Cool story: I found myself wandering into this gorgeous boutique full of plants, clothes and jewellery. Turns out Tiffany and Tahlia were in the same store and spotted Alex (yay tallness!) It’s a crazy feeling bumping into friends when you’re in a different country. What are the odds?!


The four of us made a resting stop in this sweet cafe. Alex is sure the egg pasta gave him food poisoning but who knows? :p

Photos taken from the right and left side of Shijo Bridge

Day 3: Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion)

This is Kyoto’s iconic golden temple and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fun fact: Previous temples have been burned down twice and the present structure was built in 1955. Behind the camera, the walkways are jam-packed with tourists but the view is absolutely breathtaking. It’s definitely a place that made me feel like I was living in a different time.

Kyoto Skytreeee

We made our way to Fushimi Inari-taisha for the afternoon. This was one of the brilliant times where I insisted we walk the whole 3 hour hike despite our already-super-sore feet. We were struggling big time haha. There are little pit stops every 10-15 minutes with small shops and temples along the way.

neko neko neko

So. much. matcha.

Day 4: Hōryū-ji and Nara Park

Hōryū-ji: A buddhist temple also known to be the oldest wooden structure in the world :O

Nara Park: One of our favourite days on the trip. Alex fell so hard for the deer. They could smell the crackers through our coats, head-butted us for more and followed us across the roads ;p

Those eyes doe :’)

*it was so hard to get take this photo* hahaha.

Alex also took an epic shot of a deer pooping itself as I fed it

(won’t post it here because it is very. graphic. lol )

‘Look! I’m helpless and adorable and eating this metal chain. feed me.’

Watched these guys nibblin’ ears for a solid 10 minutes. It was weird and really cute.

Day 5: Arashiyama Bamboo Groves

‘Tis a real life Studio Ghibli movie

Tenryuji temple

Walking up Mt Arashiyama

Iwatayama Monkey Park – MONKEYS EVERYWHERE!!!!

How cute is this little one?

‘And you get some apple. And YOU get some apple!’

Up until then, the day was constant overcast and the snow started sprinkling down as soon as we left the monkey park at the peak of Mt Arashiyama. By the time we reached the bottom, the mountain was covered in snow!

Was I freezing from head to toe? Yes.

Did I eat more ice cream? YES!!!

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 Until next time,

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