Hobart 2018

Tasmania has a special place in my heart since my 2016 trip to Hobart for a youth mission camp. This was my third time visiting Tassie and the feeling never gets old. I booked a 3 day solo trip for a friend’s ordination and took up the opportunity to explore the countryside and all its beauuutyyy <3

First stop: Cascade Brewery, hidden in a lush corner of South Hobart before Mount Wellington. Threesa and I snuck past the brewhouse and into the gardens for a much-needed catchup.

Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington is a real Tasmanian gem. It’s a comfortable 30 minute drive from Hobart where you can view the entire city and all the surrounding rivers and hills. The weather was looking gloomy earlier in the day so I was really happy that the clouds gave way by the time we arrived. The view was breathtaking – I am absolutely wonderstruck by this beautiful Earth :’)

It was 3 degrees up there so no joke, please don’t underestimate the temperature (like I did lol.) Putting on my coat was a struggle because it was so windyyyyy~

Wandering the paths of Elizabeth St mall. I regret not buying this pillowcase…

(I really dig this colour combo)

Topped the night off with dinner at Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge.

The Little Flower

St John the Evangelist Catholic church

Day 2: Richmond 

Richmond is a historic village 25km north of Hobart. There are heritage buildings, vineyards, farms, historical sites and a zoo.

Richmond bridge (built in 1825)!

Lavender and toffee ice cream for lunch :p

Wandered into this mini model of Hobart as it was in the 1820s. It was really fascinating and all handcrafted with fine detail. There was a challenge to find 5 mini figures and seriously don’t know how many times I circled the place looking for these little people. I found one on my own after about an hour and accepted defeat. Figured the owner felt a bit sorry for me and showed me where they were all hidden haha.

Obsessed with pink trees (can you tell?)

Made a quick stop at Fish Frenzy for le seafood. When in Tassie ya gotta have some fish…!

Day 3: Salamanca Markets

Rain and dark skies did not stop this place from being absolutely packed! There were market stalls selling food, handcraft, clothing and art. They’re open every Saturday and there’s heaps to see.

When the walk back to my car feels like a walk back in time đŸ˜€

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