Japan Diaries : Tokyo Part II

Tokyo is truly unique for its fast-paced city life and brightly coloured architecture. This is something I particularly felt when I walked through bustling streets at night or squeezed myself onto a jam-packed train. Then there’s historical hot spots e.g Asakusa that prove to be equally as busy (if not more) but with a completely different atmosphere overflowing with culture and tradition. Tokyo Part 2 covers the highlights of our remaining time in Tokyo (excluding Disneyland).

Day 2 – raining in Shinjuku

Pork tonkatsu.

Fun fact – Pork is the most popular meat in Japan.

Namikiya Soba – A century old soba house where locals enjoy soba noodles and a traditional style of service. All the waitresses were older ladies making it a really warm, homey experience.

Asakusa 浅草

Famous for the buddhist Temple Sensō-ji, Asakusa is filled with shopping streets selling local artisan goods, traditional snacks and souvenirs (keychains keychains keychains!). Girls strolled around in kimonos and men carried people around on rickshaws.

Found a quieter space next to Sensō-ji temple and had our caricatures drawn ^

Kagetsudo Bakery 

Melon bread and matcha soft serve

We were planning to see some friends for yakitori later that night but with 2 hours to go I couldn’t hold out. So I dived in for a chirashi don. The plastic display food really gets to me -_- An elderley japanese woman sitting nearby started talking to us and although she understood that we couldn’t speak Japanese, she just kept going! 😀 haha

 I will come back for you Sleepy Kirbyyyyy~

Pokemon Centre !

Tokyo Sky Tree 

We managed to reach Tokyo Sky Tree before sundown by skipping the long queues and opting for the fast pass for foreigners. We just presented our passports and paid an extra thousand yen (around $10) before taking the 1 minute elevator up to the observation deck.

Sumida River

The view was so beautiful ….. and made me feel really small

Tsukiji Market 築地市場

A seafood lover’s ultimate destination. The world’s largest fish market handling a staggering 2000 tonnes of seafood. Everyday. The inner market is a wholesale area for seafood auctions and queues begin in the early hours of the day. The outer market open to the general public to enjoy seafood from restaurants as well as hawker stalls.

Blowtorch scallop yass

Left: chirashi don from Sushi Zanmai

Right: normal and sweet tamago sticks

Japanese toy stores <3

Left: Mio Sparkling Sake , my new favourite drink

Right: Our last dinner in Tokyo- Okonomiyake

This was taken on a midnight train *o*

Leaving the technicolored streets of Shibuya

Watch out for the next post, the best is yet to come.

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