Jambo! (Hi in Swahili)

Thankfully, I am almost done with semester finals after the craziest month of the year and as holiday season is creeping in, I’ll be pumping out more blogposts (yay!). The list of places I want to see keeps getting longer and I’m motivated to take my photography to greater lengths. These are my July and August photos from last semester break (only 4 months late.)

*coughs…laughs nervously*

I spent a few days in Byron Bay with a bunch of mates. We all shared a house along the beach, went

fishing at midnight, ate burgers by the shore and climbed the lighthouse.

Noosa beach

Itoshin on the Gold Coast. The sashimi is amaaazing here …

Le Bon Choix pastries ^_^ !

Regional flavours festival.

Suki bowl

Walking Samson.

More like Samson walking me.

Birthday date at SONO Portside. We were the last to leave the restaurant that night.

Annual Night Noodle markets! The watermelon cake was soooo good, took me back to when I first tried it in Sydney.


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