The Royal Brisbane Show – Ekka Highlights



Last week was my first time to the Ekka (the first time in f o r e v e r). Despite having lived here for 10+ years, I’m not sure why I never went…but I was so stoked to finally experience all the things people talked about in primary school with the crazy rides, showbag shopping and (best of all) THE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. Alex and I shared 4 ice creams I because we volunteered at a stall but I managed to drop one before our shift -__-. so sad. I felt like the ice cream guy in Lilo and Stitch. I was responsible for chopping strawberries for 4 hours at the strawberry sundae stall and we were lucky to have a spectacular view of the fireworks.

Highlights down below:

The first thing I saw past the gates were toystoystoystoystoys. My inner child was screaming.

I watched the little girl in front of me receive the massive Blossom plushie. My heart….

First stop: Animal barn!

How to saddle a horse 101

“Look at all these chickens!”

Watching the precision drivers made me nervous :p

The best

One is not like the rest.


GoT vibes

F I S H I E S !!!

Double Tail Betta fishies

Awesome activity with magic sand some cloud wands to show how droughts happen.

Junior fashion show, so cute!

Showbag tent, I was in and out because the crowds were insane.

‘The Beast’. Our stall was right next to this ride so I was literally listening to people scream for the whole evening haha.

Played 3 games, won 0.

Round and around we go~

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