June – July Favourites

Biome TreeHouse room spray-If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking into a Biome store, you’d be
familiar with the calming scent of essential oils that fills the space and
wafts to the outer parameters of their doors. I instantly feel uplifted and
just that little bit happier. Turns out that the scent is so popular that they
decided to put it in a bottle and I took it home with me the day I found it.
Just a few spritzes around my room and some fanning does the trick.

Breathe Magazine- This may be a permanent favourite for many months to come but I’m so so glad to discover Breathe Magazine. Every issue is packed with ways to improve your life through wellbeing activities and how you can increase mindfulness in some of the most mundane things. What sets it apart from other magazines is how there aren’t big flashy advertorials and it’s mainly focussed on self improvement – in a healthy way. As much as I love fashion magazines, I find them overwhelming to flick through and splattered with unhelpful advice that’s been written to fill pages and meet deadlines. Breathe magazine publishes 6 issues per year and whilst you await each issue (like me), there’s plenty of good habits to work on. My favourite reads from issue #4 is ‘Drop the autopilot’ (regaining control of our lives) and ‘Why bother?’ (Dealing with exposure to negative news).

Touch in Sol CC Corean Complexion Cream – My acne is (thankfully) low-key during winter so
I mainly deal with redness and the odd pimple. I’ve been opting for CC cream
over foundation because it’s lightweight and this one in particular is very moisturising. Definitely purchasing the full size!

Tasmanian watercolour paper – A little souvenir from my trip to Tasmania. I haven’t actually used it yet but it’s a sweet memoir of my mid-year holiday.

Essence Winter Glow – powder lip stick in 01 Melt My Lips

This is a fun beauty product unlike anything else I have. The teardrop sponge applicator is paired with the powdered product which actually sits inside the cap. It’s similar to Maybelline’s powder lipsticks. With powdered products, lip balm is a must but overall I’ve been loving the subtle, sweet shade on light makeup days.

What have you been loving in July?


  1. Kim
    August 7, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    Ooh, Breathe sounds like a magazine that's right up my alley! I always enjoy reading articles that are related to wellbeing and mindfulness. They're so calming and uplifting 😀

  2. Wildfire Charm
    August 12, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I've seen the Touch in Sol CC before and I thought the packaged was so cute and also has a pump. Good to hear that it worked out for you xwww.wildfirecharm.com

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