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FACT: It has officially been 160 days since my Sydney post (that’s a record breaking hiatus). There was an overwhelming response to that post … but yes, just to clarify I didn’t move ahaha! Sorry to disappoint 😉

Even though I’ve been MIA in the blogging loop, it’s always been at the back of my mind to publish some posts given the amount of photos I take – most of which never make it on here. Also, I’ve recently been thinking of shifting my blog from Blogger to WordPress so I’m open to any recommendations, thoughts (or objections? idk.)

But for now, scroll away!


‘Elements’ – Awaiting the arrival of Mr. Ludovico Einaudi

I wasn’t able to photograph during the performance but this was basically the stage layout [not my photo] It was mesmerising.

^  Ludovico Einaudi Elements was definitely one of the best nights of this year.

Insane Acai Bowls in West End

Nonbei is a monthsiary favourite :p

Celebrated the Cue Autumn Winter 2017 collection with Clara <3

Sashimi @ Hosokawa

Fruity Fun pieces by Pluckdamus Designs

Picked out the cutest apple earrings. I believe the translation from Korean is ‘nuance’. Correct me if I’m wrong :p

The hills of Brisbane

Revisited old high school memories of SAO.

‘There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing’ – Robert T Burns.

I attended the Ignite Conference for Children’s Ministry with a few members from my Parish. There was an incredible community atmosphere and I was thoroughly inspired by the talks and workshops.

Foamy green tea :3

Nene Chicken

New blog posts will be rolling out to a screen near you.

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