Waves [July Update]


(That is, hello in Swedish)

July was a whirlwind of a month with new experiences and precious memories~ I finished my exams around a week earlier then everyone else leaving me with five weeks of ‘what do I do with my life?!’ Frankly, I was ready to go back to study after two weeks T____T hahaha… ha. I contemplated quite a fair bit on where I am now and what I wanted to do/where I wanted to be in the future …(Weng pls why so deep) … but with so much time perhaps that was the least I could do.

1. A life changing documentary helped me realised my passions and drive for social change

2. Reflecting on my degree made me decide ‘imma drop science!’

3. I experienced an ongoing impulse to form healthier habits for the remainder of the year.

I love stationery-and it looks pretty-and it’s supposed to help you organise your life-and I buy lots of diaries/journals/planners-and I don’t use them.

Guess which one I want in my tank !

Magical Mappin’s nursury in West End

I’ll definitely be back for some terrarium classes

Big kids in a big world

The best thing about winter is hotpot <3


Green tea creme brulee at Sweet Treats Runcorn

Papparich winter feast, a deal for two shared between three and we still couldn’t finish it all.

Mama’s Laksa >:D too good too good ! ~

Because I can’t get enough of green tea …

Gallery date with Clara ^_^ Newfound art bezzie

We took the plunge and each bought ourselves a Windsor Newton palette. We fan-girled big time.

Train ride to the Gold Coast- from previous memory, my impression on the landscape was so-so but man …! I took the time to look out for most of the trip and there are some amazing sights :3 way better than my train line ~

Amimoto – OISHIIIII!!!!

Big Surfer’s Paradise perk- all the ice cream joints

The best holiday vibes :’)

Korean Fried Chicken for first night’s dinner ^

Day 2: Movieworld! I really wanted to get Alex on the Superman Escape!!! We ran to it for our first ride but alas….. -SHUT FOR MAINTENANCE-

Broadwater Parklands at night, everyone was going Pokemon Go! (even the popo) Loved it here so much…

Spent the last day at Pacific Fair. It’s massive and there are some cool new refurbished features (like the best food court seating areas). Just did a quick walk through and only bought food :’)


I spent a good while checking everything out and yes I was very excited.

Blooms in winter

Presents from Momo, MUJI!!! and flower petal-ed chocolate

Sported this look for a few days, tutorial here: DIY Glass Nails

Shoutout to Sevda and Pranshu for adding to my Totoro collection ;_;

I actually started panicking when I couldn’t find this little guy in my house that night and began thinking , ‘WHAT IF I LEFT IT ON THE TRAIN, OR DROPPED IT IN THE PARKING LOT?!’ *Horrified scenes of car tires rolling over little Totoro* I retraced my steps and found him on my driveway in the moonlight. *Heaves a sigh of relief*

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  1. Acacias Dreams
    August 24, 2016 / 9:45 am

    Oh no! Don't drop science, science is da best! Hehe!Seriously though, it looks like you had a lot of fun!Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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