15 Things I Learnt in 2015

It’s almost the end of January ! I decided to make this post, following up from ’14 Things I Learnt in 2014′ – a lot of which, still and will always apply to me (hopefully you too). 2015 was an awesome year- full of fun and wishes coming true. However, there’s always room for improvement so it’s important to make time to reflect honestly to yourself on who you are, who you want to be and yeah, don’t worry this isn’t a deep post 🙂 Here’s the 15 things I learnt in 2015:

  1. That using a year planner is pretty much useless in the long run no matter how many times I try – just doesn’t work for me ( I wrote this towards the end of 2015. Now that it’s 2016 I got a new one hahahaha)
  1. CHECK THE WEATHER for the following day! Prepare your arsenal of rain-proof tools. Make sure you’re fully equipped with a high coverage Bunnings umbrella, towel, extra socks etc.etc.) For real though, I’m pretty devastated when I’m unprepared.
  1.  From my first year using Facebook, I now know it’s 90% time spent procrastinating ()
  1. Always persist towards your goals! Progress is progress no matter how small. That’s better than nothing at all.
  1. Taking baby steps towards being independent.
  1. That I’m really grateful for my creative outlet.
  1. I now read terms and conditions andI like reading terms and conditions.
  1. Flossing is a must. Please don’t forget to floss.
  1. I am allergic to alcohol. My body breaks out in hives and remained on some parts for a few days after…. Nuuuuuuh! (╥﹏╥)
  1. I love writing lists. Wish lists, to-do lists, list of upcoming events. The list of lists goes on!
  1. I’m extremely impatient when it comes to boiling potatoes _
  1. Guess who shares the same birthday as Malala Yousafzai? Yup, moi.
  1. That every year, I’ll have to think of one extra thing I learnt than the one  before- and it’s harder than it seems~

What did you learn in 2015?

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