Herbalism by Lush

Not until this year, did I discover the awesome wonders of Lush’s handmade cosmetics. For some reason, I always overlooked their products because all I really saw were bunches of glittery bath bombs in the window which you could smell metres away from approaching the entrance. Herbalism was recommended by the bf who gave me a sample to try before I went for the full size. Surprisingly, it’s become my favourite cleanser yet.

It’s unlike any cleansers I’ve used before where you pinch off a pea-size amount, add some water til it’s a milky consistency and massage over your face.

The claims :

‘Purifying and exfoliating herbal cleansing roll wash. Best used on oily and problem skin. Herbalism is a green, squidgy, putty-like paste made from powdered herbs, which are actually perfect for the skin. Herbalism cleanses with China clay, exfoliates with ground almonds, revives the skin with rosemary, uses nettle powder to purge dirt and chamomile to soothe the surface. Please also drink two litres of water a day, go for a three mile walk, don’t smoke and eat your five helpings of fruit to keep your skin looking fantastic. Herbalism can do magic, but you’ve got to do your part.’

How I love Lush’s product descriptions :’)

I found that it did a fantastic job of calming down my redness and I like that it has exfoliation gentle enough to use on a day to day basis. I’ve tried many cleansers which left my face squeaky clean, and Herbalism doesn’t overstrip the skin of its oils (thus leaving it in balance and not overproducing oil). AUD $17 for 100g and well worth it for me.

Have you tried any Lush cleansers?

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