Estee Lauder Corporate Sale

When I saw the Estee Lauder Corporate Sale pop up as an event on Facebook I quickly hopped on the page and didn’t hesitate to pay the $10 entry fee (which also was donated to the Pyjama Foundation, so it’s all for a good cause). I ended up going by myself one sunny morning and had no idea what to expect. I arrived around an hour after opening time and there was already a small queue lined up because they only allowed a set amount of people inside. You can imagine how long ladies can spend shopping and since all the high end discontinued makeup was 40% off, a lot of people left with a solid haul.

The main brands were Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estee Lauder. There were some other brands such as DKNY and Jo Malone but the cosmetics were the highlight of the event.

I felt insanely claustrophobic walking in because people were everywhere! The space turned out to be a petite room maybe around 20 metres long and 4 or 5 metres wide crammed with stalls with narrow walkways. Women were scouting products, swatching, blocking views, bumping into you everywhere and the whole situation made me feel a bit stressed. But that could just be me because if I don’t have my own space, I just don’t feel like shopping anymore.

Funnily enough, nothing screamed out to me and I didn’t pick up anything for a good half hour but I spent longer than I thought I would just going around and around until there were hardly any people left (I had time to burn as well…). Foundations were a pretty good price, Mac ones around $30 and Bobbi Browns around $40. I based my shopping around need and not want :l (that self restraint…!)


After countless circles of the room I picked up my first Mac products.

1. MAC Bronzing powder in Golden (that I intend to gift someone for Christmas) $23

2. MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NC30 $19

3. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Mooncake $26

So yeah I’m glad I’ve had the experience of these local makeup sales and picked up a solid concealer and eyeshadow for myself , yay!

Had a load of pasta with friends and attended Taylor Swift ft. Vance Joy that night, all I can say was that it was INCREDIBLE!!!

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