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It’s been a couple years since I heard of Yesstyle- a Korean website that offers a wide range of fashion, beauty and accessories that ships internationally. I decided to give it a go, the prices seemed okay but upon receiving and opening the contents of my parcel, I re-evaluated my choice.

Shipping: The items were ordered on the 2nd of Nov, shipped out on the 13th and arrived on the 17th

1. First item is the website’s most popular cutout crop top in black. It’s lightweight and I find the geometric design pretty attractive, great for loose v-neck sweaters. The material was the thickest out of all my items, breathable and stretchy. Hopefully it lasts me a while! (AUD $11.90)

Assorted colours, was tempted to get them all tbh…

Blue version (which I would have purchased but decided on white for some bizarre reason).

2. This was probably the biggest flop in the haul-the ‘Striped A-Line Dress’ which appears deceivingly cute in the website’s photos but in real life, the material is ultra thin and flimsy. It holds no shape and since I purchased white- PRACTICALLY SEE THROUGH !!!! The material feels so cheap and loose I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever wear this. ughhhh AUD $15.12

3. This Windowpane Check Blouse is an interesting item I wanted to add to my wardrobe. I was attracted to the checkered design. Not to mention I am ALL ABOUT blue and white these days. This was probably the item that looked the most similar in real life as it did with the photos online. It’s very lightweight though I question how long the white stripes of the checkered pattern will last over time. I’ve worn this to the beach and love love it! AUD $13.14

Finally, the main reason for this haul. The white embroided tunic. After debating which tunic I wanted from the site’s range, I settled for the one that initially caught my eye. The fabric is soft and thin, it is a one size fits all so it’s loose on me but pretty short. (you’ll need to wear shorts or pants of some sort). The embroidery is intricate and well sewn. The only problem is that after I washed this, the embroidery became SUPER STIFF and kind of became this one hard chunk that sits on your chest. (times like these, I wish I was a laundry expert). It creases quite easily so definitely requires ironing… (which I strangely enjoy doing btw). AUD$27.12

Some last minute notes:

1. Sizings can be tricky- a lot of items are one size fits all and that is an issue given that women vary in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Some clothes on Yesstyle may appear to be loose, but skin-hugging in real life.

2. Lack of washing instructions- I want to know how to handle my clothes properly in order to maintain them in a good condition for as long as possible. Just a bit disappointing that I received 0 washing instructions =_=”

3. Prices on Yesstyle fluctuate so the prices I state here can go up and down week to week.

4. You get a 10% off first purchase when you sign up as a member

5. Spend over AUD $45 to qualify for free shipping.

At the end of the day, I guess this gave me a pretty good indication of what to expect when it comes to shopping for clothes shipped in from overseas. For almost $70 for 4 clothing items it doesn’t seem bad. I love the designs but the quality is ……not that great. So I’ll try to stick to physical shopping xD

Have you tried Yesstyle?

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  1. Ddalgi Nana Beauty
    February 1, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    I like to try clothes before purchase, it's risky from the internet. I feel sorry for your dress, I have similar skirt to your dress from kirakira, I love sailor style!Thank you for your haul ♥

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