Jeez it’s been over two months since my last post and I’ve been putting this off for aaaages. The main reason why I haven’t been posting is because I seriously haven’t been doing much due to exam period/work. (no photos no posts la!!!) Holidays are here though and the first third of photos were actually shot and edited today.

Went on a shopping trip to Indro with Renaenae (today’s covergirl) on a bright Thursday morning. Walked into countless stores (most of which we spent less than ten minutes in) and managed to both find some good deals despite not many great sales going on #winning. It was my first time properly shopping at Indooroopilly and ermagerd ._.

Posing with a giant teddy was alright -I just had to fight an urge to shove it on the ground and cuddle it to bits.

Find of the day from Mura boutique. Snagged it!

Great beach dress but not that age appropriate :p Take a look around and you’ll notice almost every clothing store is white and blue.

These chocolate collections from Kokoblack are unreal. It’s like you’re gifting someone edible gold. I forked out a few bucks to try one haha- stayed away from the alcoholic ones ~.~

Mocha macaron <3 best thing I’ve had in a while.

Taking motivational reads on board to clear the mind and feed the soul

This was one of those ‘judge a book by its cover’ moments where I just fell in love with the cover. It contains fairly brief quotes, relaxation methods, lists and paragraphs about how we can apply mindfulness to different aspects of our lives.

Look at that hand pose. heh…….(yeah I don’t even know)

Shot for Remembrance Day 11/11

Blossoming Jacarandas <3

Explored Post Office Square. Also learnt that delivering parcels interstate is $$$. That aside, this is probably one of my favourite parts of the city.

Magical trip to Opal/The Rock Shop ω )

Let’s not forget the time I did a blogilates challenge and posted a photo every day of September . Best one being this one of Jenny and I planking in the Botanical Gardens. I don’t think the winner was ever announced…….. =_=”

Now for the food.

Tried the Pan Mee and Char Kway Teow from Papparich Wintergarden. Overpriced in my opinion, food tastes ok and the restaurant is nice, drinks are probably my favourite but overall not somewhere I’d eat regularly.

Burger urge! Big mushrooms. much chew. choo choo!

When you have a really long day out and can’t eat food on the train. _ಥ Got home to a veggie feast. 

Maru food aesthetic 10/10+ blurry  kimchi

Hainanese chicken from Roti Place – a place I’ve overlooked until now. Quite like it.

Donut Time’s free donuts during their opening promotion. Pricy but huge donuts!!! I wouldn’t be able to have one all for myself. Super sweet, pretty dry so the custard one was my favourite (bottom middle)

Saw this sad little thing on the ground while we waited in line…_

More Passion Tree froyo cuz why naht ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Frozen ba-nae-nae. Blendedddd

Flashback to September’s Riverfire, definitely one of the best nights of my year.

Interesting dress from Forever New. It was a pretty good fit but the skirt part was super heavy wow

I was really set on buying a parka last year and never ended up getting one. Spotted this in Forever New and it’s SO SMOOTH. SO SNUG. AND I LOVE THE COLOUR…….but yeah I didn’t get it bleh

Mid-Autumn Fest, the fluoro lions were the best !

I know I’ve seriously delayed publishing my third art post (having mentioned it months ago) but I promise it’s well underway 😀 I’m really happy to know that people like my pieces and I have a list of requests to catch up on. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve been doing them in exchange for Grill’d burgers (cuz I lurve Grill’d).

**UPDATE**  Progress is very slow . much sorry. such cry.

DIY project from last month

For all those who still have exams….. GOOD LUCK BRO/CHICKA!

From me to you<3

So that’s that for now. Holidays are packed with camp, concerts, work, dates and drawings. I like to keep myself busy…..which can be a good and bad thing. Goodnight! Watching Harry Potter…..

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