~The Month of Totoro ~ [August 2015 Highlights and Faves]

Greetings and Salutations from my tiny bedroom!

We’ve hit September. The ninth month. three quarters through 2015 (*runs out of ways to say September*) but seriously…Every time I reflect back on the last time I wrote a blog post, I can’t believe a month has flown past so easily. It’s past mid-semester at uni and I really need to get on top of things hahaha *flops helplessly like a fish*

Okay I’ll stop the pity party and move on to AUGUST!

Beauty faves of the month:

1. Chi Chi Super CC Cream – my first CC cream and love love love using this to cover up redness. Full review soon

2. Etude House Face Blur Primer– Best for it’s brightening and smoothing effects

3. Eau Thermale Avene – magical water to sooth your skin. I spray it on my face after applying toner in the evening and it’s just sahhhh nice *o* (I want to purchase the full size)

4. Dodo Choco Eyeshadow– mainly been using the left side to add sparkle to my eyelids





I was pretty upset during the first couple weeks because of my inability to eat normal food and that simply clenching my jaw was painful. Other than that, I haven’t experienced anything else too bad like ulcers and cuts. (I only had one minor cut on my inner cheek due to a hook on the molar bands). It took less than an hour to get them on at the orthodontics and I opted for ‘teeth colored’ elastics. Wondering what colors I should get next ….(Rainbow???) 😀

The gloomy tree nearby the orthodontics.

Went to newly opened Harajuku Gyoza to have Adegashi tofu. Wondering how the waitresses don’t lose their voices from calling out things day to day.

Discovered the biggest wall of manga I have ever seen next to Toowong train station *o*

Enjoyed growing this little study buddy (gifted by Jenny). Sadly, the grass has shriveled up….. I forgot to water it… ;(

Celebrated a chicka’s 18th birthday overnight in an apartment where we played games, ate pizza and karaoke-ed ourselves silly. Talking and eating was still hard because of the molar bands and I had 4 hours sleep the night before >_<

Night view on the 30th floor

Fruity desserts, cake and champagne at midnight

My first legal drink! It didn’t taste that nice but I still finished the glass :p Felt good and fuzzy but I wasn’t able to eat the flower inside TnT


Pros of coming into uni early- People filming a news interview about robotics and they randomly approach you asking if you’d like to be on tv. (I just played with the screens in the background, shooting fireworks just to make things look pretty)

Spent an evening by myself to see ‘Hansel and Gretal’- a production by the students at Griffith University just across the river. It was my first opera and I did quite enjoy it (there was some cross-dressing going on). Also, if it weren’t for the subtitles displayed above the stage I’d have noooo idea what they were saying LOL.

Didn’t want to study. So I drew a fictional character I’ve been crushing on since I was 13. 3 hours of procrastination. so worth <3

Happy hour sushi

Went to Costco. Hauled a box of Japanese bowl noodles and a $21k spa pool. Jokes, no spa pool. Just the noodles and snacks xD

bebe <3

Been experimenting with how I layout my flatlays~

Found great study music to soothe my mind and soul. I think I contributed at least 20 plays to this playlist on 8 tracks. Check it out here: Pure Beauty . If you’re into classical 😉

I have a pretty diverse taste in music so feel free to browse through some of mine @  wengsreveries14

I love SNSD but never followed their music as much as their fashion (funnily enough). Lion Heart really captivated me and I just think the music video is perfect. Perfect outfits, perfect scenes, perfect song. Not to mention it’s super catchy and they did a good take on the pinup girl style. Probably my favourite kpop song of the year.

‘I Was Made for Loving You’ Ft. Ed Sheeran – song of the month.

WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS LAST YEAR?!!!?! I remember youtubing trailers of soon-to-be movies showing in cinemas and the trailer for Interstellar only struck a sound impression on me. It was very hyped last year and I regret never experiencing it in a theatre. It was a spur-of-the-moment to watch a 3 hour film late at night….but after not being able to take the painstaking rate of buffering, I bought a DVD copy the day after :p I think I still like Cloud Atlas more but this movie really left me feeling …like woah. It was scary at times, heartbreaking but absolutely amazing. Please watch if you haven’t already!

I should sleep.

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