Bugis Street Singapore

I follow a couple of Singaporean bloggers including Rachell and Peishi who both blogged about Bugis Street around mid 2014. Naturally, I took note of this as one of Singaporean’s hotspots for shopping and requested (my family) for us all to spend a good few hours there since I wanted to go shopping at stores that we don’t already have in Australia. Most of the shopping complexes in Singapore have stores such as Topshop, Cotton On and lots of high end stores so Bugis Street was a perfect choice for me being local and cheap.

From the outside, the building seemed quite small. When we first arrived I thought “… What? This is it?” but inside is actually so big! There are 3 storeys full of small mini boutiques and food court. We arrived a bit early so many stores were still closed but not long until things got into full swing (y)

I saw many of the same items being sold at various different stores and most of these at the same price.

Cute as vintage bags!

Emoji shop! When the guy saw us checking out the plushies from afar he kind of beckoned at us VERY eagerly and we were like OnO *runs away* IDK I’m not used to that kind of selling

More cute bags! Only for SG10 too!

Anyone a size xxxxxxxxxxL? Anyone…?

Often, I didn’t purchase clothes that I liked simply because of the typography >_<

‘Wishlists. It’s what friends are for’ 😉

A nice view of spiral staircases through red glass on the 3rd floor. I seemed to be the only one that thought it was cool.

Very tight


Exterior of ‘Bugis Plus’ along Bugs Street 😀

Haul of the day~


  1. Charmaine K
    January 21, 2015 / 1:57 am

    AYEE GIRL WE GOT MATCHING EXO SHIRTS/CROP TOPS!!!!! XDhaha I think we went to the same store bcuase I swear I've seen those platform shoes~~I love the dresses you bought! They're very cute and sweet :Dxx Charmaine- Charrmyn

    • Weng C
      January 23, 2015 / 8:32 am

      We sure did! Although my EXO shirt is large and baggy :p I'd love to see how you style crop tops (I don't own/wear many) Thanks Charmaine!

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