Singapore 2015

Hello Hello!

A month overdue but better late than never aye? I just decided to post about the rest of my Singapore trip now , the main highlight being Marina Bay!

Day 1: Left Kuala Lumpur for Singapore!

Changi airport was full of Mickeys and Minnies during the Christmas season . I was very happy 😀 and these two in particular were HUUUUGE

For the most part of day 1 afternoon my family and I were kind of lost around the streets not knowing what to do with a couple hours to spare before our relatives arrived in Singapore .hahaha it was so bad…

The National Museum- looking pretty amazing from the outside but there wasn’t much to see inside :/

who dat who dat

(gosh danggit them trees) I was totally stunned when I saw this massive building and to find out it was ‘SOTA’ School of The Arts made me even more excited. I would go there. That afternoon was so so stressful. I cannot stress how stressful it was haha. We waited for ages (maybe 2 hours?) for a taxi but seeing as all the larger taxis were booked out and it was peak traffic time, we opted for 2 separate taxis to take our family of 5 to our relatives’ condo.

Day 2 was spent at Bugis St before commuting to Marina Square in the afternoon

We waited for quite a while because we wanted to catch the Marina Bay laser show at night. With lots of time to spare we walked in the ‘shoppes’. Most of the people here were tourists I reckon.

Bit of a bummer that I couldn’t check out the casinos because I was under-aged . by one year . next time next time 😉

Another dish I forgot to feature in December’s Eats. Trying out all the different desserts was my favourite part . That and whenever I had chicken rice.

Big LV store and a museum shaped like a flower that I was super curious about-but didn’t get a chance to go in.

The LV building was a store on ground level, museum underneath and showroom on 2nd floor. My favourite part was probably the room below or the giant escalators they had leading into the ‘shoppes’ idk why the escalators were just awesome.

two little adventurers ^_^

Walking around the bay

Finally reached the famous Merlion ;D Then could I say that I officially went to Singapore

Finished up the night with the laser show. It was quite pretty and there were huge flames across the bay from where we started walking earlier. Definitely one of my ‘wow’ moments

Day 3 was spent at Universal Studios with my sisters and we left for KL early in the morning of Day 4

10/10 for airport decor

‘The Social Tree’ – fun to play with while waiting for our flight

And that’s the last of my Singapore posts. We only stayed for 3 days but they were 3 pretty awesome days…. and since I didn’t cover everything I will always have a reason to go back someday

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