Face of Australia Limited Edition Lip Paints

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while BUT EXAMS ARE OVER AND I CAN BLOG MORE YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

OK . *cough* Shall we?

When BigW were having their $4 off Face of Australia products, I decided to pick up a few things and seeing as I was quite intrigued by these Limited Edition Lip Paints, I asked my mum to pick these up for me. She ended up getting 4 shades (including the 2 I asked for heheheh) and well, we bought the remaining 2 shades just to complete the set. I bought these for $2.95 each which totals to just under $18 for the whole thing. Not too bad đŸ˜€

Swatches! This was my first time trying a range of different colours but I knew that my favourites would be Poison Apple and Tangerine Queen. For some reason, I never found pale colours very flattering on me and I never felt bold enough to try out darker shades like Very Berry.

Asides from the awesome pigmentation of these lippies, the thing that stood out to me the most was the scent. You can smell the fruity-ness of these lip paints even when they aren’t open- all of them smell the same but it’s not the overly sweet / artificial kind of fruity scent that often puts me off.

The packaging is a simple squeeze out tube and instead of applying it straight on my lips, I prefer to use my fingers to apply instead. The staying power is pretty decent especially for the darker shades which easily last more than 2 hours.

The formula is not sticky (which is awesome) and not thick despite my first impressions when I swatched these and went (woah!)

Last but definitely not least, Very Berry. I’ve never really tried out the vampy look but surprisingly, I quite like it!! *I felt like Lorde*

I decided to leave out the two lightest shades because I found that making my lips lighter than they naturally are was pretty….unflattering… ;_; Overall, I really do like these and I’m starting to chose them over my Revlon Just Bitten Stains because they’re more moisturizing and smell deeelish.

Available from Pricelines and BigW for RRP$6.95

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