La Luna

It’s been quite a while since I’ve touched my colors but I’ve been meaning to recreate “Bambino” from Disney Pixar’s short film La Luna which is my faaaavourite. I decided to start taking progression pictures as well so keep scrolling!

The first stages of applying colors are always splotchy, messy and it’s the hardest part for me because base colours need to look GOOD before you do anything else. dat blue sky. ew. I couldn’t blend properly how infuriating

Kept layering and layering….

I sort of messed up Bambino’s skin colour HAHAHAHA it got mixed in with the water I was using to clean the brushes but in the reference picture the skin’s meant to look darker so meh. Outlining is the best part because this is when you can make everything neater!

Doing the line art took me around half an hour

Painting took me around 3 hours so overall this took me 3-4 hours.

Final Product:

Turned out looking okay in the end =)


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