First Art Post

Every year I accumulate a few little things I work on just for my own leisure really, most of what I do is just replications of things I find on deviantart, tumblr, whatever 😀 and I don’t post all of these on dA because I have a hunch that I would be shot for plagiarising… I don’t know I just haven’t developed my own style because there are so many different artists that I like and besides, it means I don’t get artists’ block :p For those who follow me on instagram, you’ve probably most of these.

So here goes, I’ll start with the ones that I gave away:

By far one of the most complicated I had done… ever . T.T

Little Knight Amumu by Chofy87

1D from JaeSama@tumblr I really liked this- but was a present for the triplets x

Not sure who was the original one for this….found it on google images :p

^proud of this one

^this one too for Martysama’s birthday~

As you can see there’s a trend of League champions- I draw champions more than I play the game T_T

For my long distant friend Dede! Check her out @

^Minna Turunen

TamyPu @dA

So yeah this concludes my first art post, just my favourites that I’ve worked on this year and the biggest change being is that I’ve been playing around a lot more with colours (postercolours, watercolours, markers) because in the past it was always just plain drawings which I have far too many to show (from junior high school) ~ Ciao!

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